The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the nation’s largest group of pediatricians, warned that devastating long-term effect on children’s health can result from racism. In this land mark report Drs. Trent, Dooley and Dougé present an evidence-based focus on the “role of racism in child and adolescent development and health outcomes.” Among the topics explored are racism as a core determinant of child health, the development of race as a construct, and how pediatricians can address and ameliorate the effects of racism on children and adolescents. This report is a must save for reference both for individual practice and for community health initiatives. Part of optimizing clinical practice to ameliorate the effects of racism is “infusing cultural diversity into AAP-recommended early literacy–promotion programs” such as Reach Out and Read.

This podcast below (less than 10 minutes) features Dipesh Navsaria, MD sharing how Reach Out and Read can make parenting easier and more impactful.

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