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Learn how Tri-Share can help you and how to talk to your employer about enrolling in the Tri-Share Pilot.

Parents all over Michigan are having trouble finding and affording quality childcare so they can work. In many cases, parents have to choose between working and staying home with their kids because childcare in Michigan can cost as much as college tuition.

"Childcare is an extremely important factor in allowing families and our state to return to normal emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic." -MI Rep. Greg Van Woerkem, R-Norton Shores

Ready for School is excited to partner in this pilot program with Goodwill Industries of West Michigan to serve West Michigan parents by offering Tri-Share through your employer.

What is Tri-Share?

MI Tri-Share is a public/private partnership and pilot program partially funded by a state grant. Parents can ask their employer to participate and help split the cost of childcare three ways, keeping you at work and your child cared for. If your employer is in Ottawa County, and you qualify to participate, your employer can enroll in Tri-Share. If you and your employer are enrolled, you will pay 1/3 the cost of childcare plus a small 8% administration fee, your employer will pay 1/3 the cost of childcare plus a small 8% administration fee, and the rest will be paid through a state grant. We're happy to talk to your employer for you and help them understand how they benefit by providing this benefit to you.

Do I Qualify for Tri-Share?

Here's how to qualify for Tri-Share benefits:

  • Your employer must be in Ottawa County and participate in the Tri-Share program [click here if you would like us to speak to your employer about Tri-Share for you].

  • Your childcare provider must be a licensed childcare provider. If you don't currently have a licensed childcare provider, or don't know if your childcare provider is licensed, our HUB partner, Goodwill Industries of West Michigan, can help you find a licensed provider.

  • Your household income (HHI) must be between 200% and 325% of the federal poverty level. Most people who make $16-$25 per hour will qualify, depending on the number of people in their family.\

* Eligibility subject to change. Please check website:

A table of income qualifications based on household size.

How do I talk to my Employer about Tri-Share?

We realize it can be a lot to ask you to talk with your employer. So, we're prepared to support you to talk with your employer by providing you with materials and talking points, or we can talk to your employer for you. We can even keep your name anonymous if you'd like.

Please email if you would...

  • like to request an information packet so you can talk to your employer, or

  • like to ask us to contact your employer for you.

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